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  • Printed Press

    Start the presses, Miniature Wargames with Battlegames have added a nice write-up about Miniature Wargaming The movie, this is a very personal write up by editor Henry Hyde. He has been working along side us to help shape the history part of the film and has been a huge help. You can read the write up in issue 392 find it here:

  • Hangout

    Warlord games have an amazing monthly talk show, where they cover whats new with the company. As a featured company in Miniature Wargaming The Movie they wanted to get us on the show to get a more in-depth look into the movie. You can watch this here.

  • Recon Podcast

    A great podcast hosted by Jonathan J. Reinhart. We got a chance to talk about the film after some great words from Jonathan, ``Miniature Wargaming the Movie is the one documentary wargamers have wanted all their lives. Director Joseph Piddington discusses the film and the Kickstarter project to help fund this exciting project.`` Listen to it here.

  • Live Hangout

    Getting the word out about Miniature Wargaming The Movie with the help of the Chilling Wargamers. Director Joseph Piddington got to do a live google hang out to talk about the film, check it out here:

  • Down Order

    Director Joseph Piddington had the great privilege to talk about Miniature Wargaming The Movie on Down Order podcast. Sam, Dave & myself talk in depth about the movie, certain elements the movie covers and the miniature wargaming culture as it currently is today. Click Here For More details:

  • Big Support

    The guys over at show some love!!! Getting the word out is one of the hardest things to do, TableTopBattle know this first hand so were very kind to help us out with the launch of are Kickstarter. See the video here.

  • Perry Week

    Part of Featured Week, a weekly showcase highlighting the companies and individual that will be taking part in the movie. This article covers the Perry Brother, twin sculptors from Nottingham England, with detailed stories, videos and pictures along with great deals from there miniature range, check them out here:

  • The Results

    Don't want to wait for the film to come out? Find out how our tournament duo Matt & Adam got on at the 2015 Bolt Action tournament. With an in-depth write up of the event by Warlords Games along with pictures, army lists and a breakdown of results. This really is a must read, watch out as there will be spoilers! Click Here For More details:

  • Twitter Live

    We are up and running but need your help!!! Trying to spread the word might be a bigger challenge than making the film itself. But with your support and todays social media it is a lot easier than it use to be. Want to help? Why not send us a tweet, we are always looking for new stories and feed back for the film. So get in touch by clicking here.

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