Preparing for the tournament

Preparing for the tournament

So a lot of people will have had lots of experience preparing their armies and strategies before a tournament, I however am not one of those people. When Adam and myself sat down and decided giving a tournament a go (before any film making was involved) we had only really played Bolt action amongst the same 4 friends and had little experience playing any variations of what we regularly took. Me with my British, Adam with his Russian horde, Joe with his veteran Germans and Andrew with his regular Germans. Outside of these forces I had little knowledge except the few bits I had read or from battle reports I had watched online.


A couple months before the event at Britcon, we had our first planning session. Basically it ended up being a long chat followed by a 1000pt game and then another chat about what went right or wrong. We each had to make up 3 lists 750pt, 1000pt and 1250pt, most of the games we had played had been either 500pt all infantry games or 1000pt games. Luckily the rules stated the 750pt games were infantry only, so I just took my regular 500pt list and added a bit more stuff, some of which I didn’t own yet so put an order in at warlord, this was only a couple weeks before the event. 


First Lieutenant with extra guy
Free Forward Artillery Observer (Regular)
Regular Infantry section (Late war) 8 men with Light machine Gun
Regular Infantry section (Late war) 9 men with Light machine Gun
Regular Infantry section (Late war) 9 men with Light machine Gun
Commando Section (Veterans) 8 men with Vickers K Light machine gun
Commando Section (Veterans) 6 men, 3 with submachine guns
Sniper Team (Regular)
Light Howitzer with spotter (Regular)


DSC_5096         mattarmy        DSC_5093

So I thought it was a fairly balanced list and one in which I could control large areas of the table which proved to be the case in the practice games. I could lay down a lot of shots and successfully pin or destroy units, while my smaller commando squad could be a little more aggressive. Also my howitzer was excellent at forcing my opponent to move entrenched units, I hadn’t used any artillery except for a mortar before this but since it has become a must take in my army.


Once I had playtested this force a couple of times I started expanding on it for my 1000pt and 1250pt basically just adding a couple extra things each time or upgrading the units, the 1000pt list got a medium howitzer, machine gun team and an armoured car. Whilst the 1250pt list got an air observer and a Cromwell.


matt britcon2                   mattbritcon


Once I was happy with the lists I had to finish painting all the new goodies I had bought which I didn’t actually finish until the night before the tournament. One thing I did find though is that having an event planned is an excellent way to motivate yourself for painting something.


All in all the planning stage was one of my favourite parts of the whole event mainly because I got to spend a lot of times with my friends playing the games we love.


That’s all for now,
Matt Rattenbury
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