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Multi-Award-Winning documentary Miniature Wargaming The Movie dives into the wonderful world of miniature wargaming. The film was directed and produced by award-winning director Joseph Piddington, who won Best Director for the film at the South Europe International Film Festival, held in Valencia, Spain.
The documentary has been nominated for over thirty awards worldwide and has won numerous accolades, ranging from “Best Feature Documentary Film” at the London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, to “Best Gaming Film” at the Origins Film Festival, held in Columbus, Ohio.
In April 2019 Miniature Wargaming The Movie was taken to “The Marché du Film”, the business counterpart of the Cannes Film Festival, where award-winning sales agent Evolutionary Films secured a deal with US Distributor Virgil Films & Entertainment.

Award Nominations

Miniature Wargaming The Movie has been nominated for numerous awards worldwide and at a number of festivals the film was nominated for multiple awards. This includes three accolades at the Queen’s Palm International Film Festival in Palm Springs, California, for “Best Feature Film”, “Best Documentary Film” and “Best Director”. At the London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, the movie was nominated four times for “Best Cinematography in a Documentary”, “Best Editing of a Feature Documentary”, “Best Director of a Feature Documentary” and last but certainly not least “Best Feature Documentary”, which the film won at the festival.