Film Synopsis

– Players, Painters & Model Makers –
Multi-Award-Winning documentary Miniature Wargaming The Movie dives into the heart of the wargaming industry and reveals the impact it has on people’s lives. The film follows four individuals as they unveil how wargaming affects their lives in different ways: Andy Bryant, a British war veteran who turns to wargaming as an escape; Chris Nicholls, owner of a small business fighting to secure his family’s future; and two young gamers Matt and Adam who travel across Europe in a bid to fulfil their dream of competing in an international tournament.
Finally, uncover the true story behind this incredible hobby with best-selling author Henry Hyde who reveals how this hobby came to pass. Includes never-before-seen footage with Sir Peter Jackson (director of The Lord of The Rings) and interviews with Rick Priestley (creator of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000), legendary sculptors Alan and Michael Perry, Warlord Games co-founders Paul Sawyer and John Stallard, plus many more.



Chris Nicholls is the owner of Macrocosm Miniatures, a family run miniature company based in Gloucestershire, England.

Chris Nicholls
Macrocosm Miniatures

Andy Bryant is the owner of Small Terrain, a miniature scenery company that he runs from his garden shed in Wiltshire, England.

Andy Bryant
Small Terrain

Matthew Rattenbury is a life long gamer, with his close friend Adam they aim to fulfil there dreams of competing in an international tournament.

Matthew Rattenbury

Adam Copeman is a life long gamer, with his close friend Matt they aim to fulfil there dreams of competing in an international tournament.

Adam Copeman

Henry Hyde is the best selling author and writer of The Wargaming Compendium, the most in-depth miniature wargaming book ever written.

Henry Hyde
Author & Editor

Alan Perry is a miniature sculptor, from 1978 until 2014 he worked for Games Workshop, he now owns & runs Perry Miniatures with twin brother Micheal.

Alan Perry
Perry Miniatures

Rick Priestley is a renowned game designer, he is best know for creating Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000 for Games Workshop.

Rick Priestley
Games Designer

John Stallard is a wargame designer who worked for Games Workshop for 27 years. He is now the joint owner of Warlord Games along with Paul Sawyer.

John Stallard
Warlord Games


Follow Chris Nicholls, owner of a small business fighting to secure his family’s future, aiming to release his first ever game “Macrocosm”.



Follow Andy Bryant, a British war veteran who turns to wargaming as an escape. He now looks to release his new terrain range at “Salute”.



Discover the in-depth background to this hugely successful industry, with interviews from some of the biggest names in wargaming.



Following Matt & Adam as they prepare and travel across Europe in a bid to fulfil their dream of competing in an international tournament.


– Alphabetical Order –
Adam Copeman – Adrian Miles – Alan Bryant – Alan Perry – Alessio Cavatore – Andy Bryant – Aneira Nicholls – Beau Emms – Bill Clinton – Chris Nicholls – Damon Andersen – Daniel Faulconbridge – David J Lewis – David Nordquist – Donna Compton – Gaius Nicholls – Henry Hyde – Jackie Bryant – James Hopkins – John-Paul Brisigotti – John Stallard – Lloyd Johnston – Matthew Glanfield – Matthew Pick – Matthew Rattenbury – Michael Perry – Paul Sawyer – Sir Peter Jackson – Poppy the Pug – Rachael Bartlett – Richard Carlisle – Richard Loxam – Rick Priestley – Rob Alderman – Robey Jenkins – Romeo Filip – Ronnie Renton – Steve Applegate – Warren Johnston – Beasts Of War: Justin, John, Ben & Lance – Macrocosm Miniatures: James & Henry – MiniWar Gaming: Josh, Quirk, Chris & Steve – Norway Event: Mad Bob & Hendrick


  • Director Statement - Joseph Piddington

    Miniature Wargaming The Movie was an organic development of identifying a niche market addressing my hobby and passion. I was interested to learn more and follow the journeys of a diverse range of subjects who were involved in the miniature wargaming industry in a variety of different ways. The industry still has a stigma that needs changing. The perception to many of the general public is that its participants are all, “fat sweaty geeks,” nothing could be further from the truth. The industry attracts a diverse audience of individuals, all with their own interesting accounts of why they have become involved in the hobby. These individual subjects all have a common ground, how miniature wargaming positively influences their lives. The industry is worth in excess of $1 billion, and its foundation is built upon a cottage industry. There are a small number of large players such as Games Workshop, but the focus of this production was to highlight the battles that the smaller companies face, these companies represent the majority of the industry. During production there were a number of unique discoveries. The ability to strike a balance between the content, making the production broad enough for a variety of individuals to enjoy, both within and outside of the industry. I hope this production gives the audience a wider appreciation of how difficult it is to compete in a cottage industry, dominated by one of two key major players. In addition understanding how individuals suffering with unique health conditions turn to hobbies with an aim to help them on their journey to recovery or in developing coping mechanisms.


  • Joseph Piddington

    Joseph Piddington is a multi-award-winning director & producer from Devon England. He is an English entrepreneur working in both the film and media industry, and the owner of Ocean View Studios.


    Robert Rushton is a cinematographer & editor; he was one of the main crew to working on Miniature Wargaming The Movie. He graduated from the University of Birmingham where he was nominated for the RTS award. Robert worked on ITV’s show The Voice and was also a member of the Sky News team.

  • Matt Caldarlo

    Matt Caldarlo is a cinematographer and photographer who helped shape the look of Miniature Wargaming The Movie. Matt has been working in the camera industry ever since he left University where he got a degree in photography.

  • Stuart Jackson

    Stuart Jackson is a 2 x BAFTA winning music producer, self shooting producer and colourist. He has worked on documentary's shown on primetime BBC and is the colourist for Miniature Wargaming The Movie.

  • Gioacchino Marincola

    Gioacchino Marincola is a composer with several credits including independent short films, documentaries, animated films and live plays. His music varies from full orchestral, to electronic ambient and was the composer for Miniature Wargaming The Movie.

  • Adam Copeman

    Adam Copeman has long had a passion for all things musical. After receiving a BA Hons Degree in Music Performance Industries, he has gone on to teach music inclusion within youth-work settings across Devon, train music practitioners in facilitating positive, meaningful and engaging learning experiences, as well working on post-production projects on short film features, bands and artists across Devon. Miniature Wargaming The Movie is his first big audio production.

– Full Credited Crew –
Director & Producer : Joseph Piddington – Cinematography: Joseph Piddington, Robert Rushton & Matt Caldaralo – Editors: Joseph Piddington & Robert Rushton – Animation & visual effects: Sami Bayley & Eugene Moraru – Colourist: Stuart Jackson – Narration: David J. Johnson – Composer: Gioacchino Marincola – Audio Mix & Foley: Adam Copeman, Joseph Piddington & Matt Caldarlo – Audio production: Adam Copeman – Runner: Niruntree Jackson – Personal Assistant: Jo Alice Henry – Photography: Matt Caldaralo – Web Development: Paul Rostron – Design Engineer: Edward Chatterton – Production Adviser: Michael Klein & Griffin Hammond
English: Joseph Piddington – French: Cedric Ferrut – German: Frank Safran – Spanish: Pablo Garcia Vera

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